Ultra High Performance Sealcoat

GuardTop Ultra is a mineral and fiber reinforced asphalt sealcoat with specially designed polymers, engineered to increase flexibility and durability, and provide exceptional protection and longevity. This advanced sealcoat product restores asphalt binder lost through oxidation and weathering, while also protecting against raveling and cracking due to aggregate loss. GuardTop Ultra's deep, rich black color enhances the appearance of the pavement, while also providing superior resistance to abrasion and wear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like commercial parking lots and roadways. In addition, GuardTop Ultra meets the GuardTop standard of being eco-friendly and free of harmful PAHs, making it a wise investment for property owners who want to extend the life of their asphalt surfaces.


Flexible and Durable


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We want our customers to have the knowledge, expertise, and support they need to achieve the best results for their asphalt projects. GuardTop provides a range of additional services to complement our exceptional sealcoat products. These services include:

  • On-site Storage
  • Product Sample Testing
  • Job Inspections
  • Job Walks and Bid Assistance
  • Specification Writing
  • Lunch-and-Learn Educational Seminars
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