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A History to protect & Preserve

At GuardTop, we manufacture superior quality, environmentally responsible sealcoat products. Our sealcoats boast a rich, long-lasting color, firm texture, and excellent durability. Our team of chemists and technical experts has carefully evolved and maintained the product formula since 1983, ensuring consistency and high standards.

Years of Service
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Our Mission

always pave the way

GuardTop asphalt protection and maintenance products improve the aesthetics and longevity of pavements without compromising safety. We strive to create a higher quality of life for communities by enhancing pavement performance through partnerships with contractors, property owners/managers, government agencies, and suppliers. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation drives us to continually improve our products and services and lead the industry in responsible environmental practices and exceptional customer service.

Our Values

The Gold Standard


Superior Sealcoats

GuardTop Sealcoats are engineered to provide long lasting protection against deterioration to preserve pavements and lower life-cycle costs.


Environmentally Conscious

GuardTop formulas incorporate recycled materials and are free of coal tar and toxic PAHS and other hazardous additives.


Industry Leader

GuardTop’s continued commitment to sustainability, its advanced formulations, streamlined manufacturing and application processes and ongoing research and development has put GuardTop at the forefront of its industry year over year.


Exceptional Service

GuardTop provides comprehensive support, always ensuring that they have the knowledge and expertise to achieve the best results for their projects.


Industry Experts

With decades of experience, GuardTop experts are well versed in understanding project needs and providing solutions to meet identified requirements. Our experts can assist with product selection, specification writing and project management.


Family Values

Owned by asphalt legacy Bob Koleas, and operated by family and long-standing team members, GuardTop operates its company with a strong commitment to family values, which is reflected in the way the company conducts business and treats its employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Team Members

Guardtop Leadership

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Our History

Our timeline

When GuardTop was invented  40 years ago, it opened a new world of possibilities for the sealcoating industry.

2017 - 2023.
GuardTop continues to expand and innovate.

Expanding their presence in the Southwest, GuardTop continues to launch its express locations. In 2023, GuardTop will celebrate the grand opening of its new manufacturing plant. Visit news for the latest updates.

GuardTop Innovates with CoolSeal by GuardTop

First demonstrated in the winter of 2016 for the LA Street Services Bureau, CoolSeal is now used in support of several heat island mitigation initiatives around the world.

Bob Koleas inducted into Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association Hall of Fame

Koleas received recognition for his experience overseeing the modern growth of Western Emulsions from a small family-operated emulsion plant to a regional enterprise with nearly 100 employees and manufacturing facilities in seven US states serving customers in 21 states.

GuardTop is acquired by Western Emulsions.

Bob recognized that GuardTop was still the best product in the industry and was thrilled at the opportunity. After assuring the board of the company’s incredible potential, Western Emulsions acquired GuardTop in 2009.  

Bob Koleas joins and excels in the industry.

Bob Koleas grew up working on sealcoating crews through college. After graduating, he was appointed Sales Manager for Western Emulsions. In the early 2000s, Bob was named President and CEO of Western Emulsions.

Western Emulsions builds Irwindale plant to distribute GuardTop

Richiard Koleas, father of Bob Koleas, worked on the original formulation for GuardTop Sealcoat by incorporating Western Emulsion asphalt emulsion.

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