At GuardTop, we value our close partnerships with skilled asphalt and sealcoat Contractors who have utilized our products for the last 40 years and counting. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional professional service and technical support to ensure our products perform to the highest standards. Whether you have questions about our products, require assistance with your project bid, or need help with specifications, our team is available to assist you.


Superior Sealcoats

GuardTop Sealcoats are engineered to provide long lasting protection against deterioration to preserve pavements and lower life-cycle costs.


Environmentally Conscious

GuardTop formulas incorporate recycled materials and are free of coal tar and toxic PAHS and other hazardous additives.


Industry Leader

GuardTop’s continued commitment to sustainability, its advanced formulations, streamlined manufacturing and application processes and ongoing research and development has put GuardTop at the forefront of its industry year over year.


Exceptional Service

GuardTop provides comprehensive support, always ensuring that they have the knowledge and expertise to achieve the best results for their projects.


Industry Experts

With decades of experience, GuardTop experts are well versed in understanding project needs and providing solutions to meet identified requirements. Our experts can assist with product selection, specification writing and project management.


Family Values

Owned by asphalt legacy Bob Koleas, and operated by family and long-standing team members, GuardTop operates its company with a strong commitment to family values, which is reflected in the way the company conducts business and treats its employees, customers, and stakeholders.


Timothy C. Peckham

Powerstone Property Management
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GuardTop has been an amazing business partner for both Management Companies and Associations assisting with asphalt jobs. They provide an exceptional service for communities by developing the scope of work, sending RFPs, coordinating job walks and ensuring competitive bids. Their professionalism and expertise ensures that Associations can obtain the best possible service while meeting their financial fiduciary responsibility. I highly recommend GuardTop as a leading Industry expert.

Dana hopkins, Community association manager
N.N. Jaeschke, Inc. - An Associa Company
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Jeff and Monica have made my job easier as a Community Association Manager. Upon informing them that a Community that I manage is ready to resurface or repair the asphalt on their property, the GuardTop team jumps in and prepares a scope of work. They subsequently coordinate job walks with qualified local vendors to be able to provide apples-to-apples estimates for the Board’s review. They are available to explain to the Board the proposals and provide oversight to ensure that their product, GuardTop, is being applied and utilized per the manufacturer specifications. I absolutely recommend reaching out to GuardTop at the beginning of any Asphalt Project!

Anthony Mazza, Regional Manager
FirstService Residential
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As a community manager, I strive to work with manufacturers, and contractors who make my job easier. GuardTop did just that when it was time to seal coat one of my communities in Newport Coast. GuardTop’s knowledge and experience in the asphalt seal coat industry helped immensely when it was time to go out to bid. GuardTop assisted in writing the specifications for the project, and even provided me with a preferred contractor list which put my Board Member’s minds at ease. GuardTop’s seal coat material is second to none, but more importantly they stand behind their product. During the project, GuardTop was onsite every day, testing their seal coat material to ensure it was properly diluted with the correct amount of water by the contractor, and to ensure it was being applied properly. GuardTop’s product, experience, and staff are the reasons I will continue to use them for many years to come.


Let us help

We want our customers to have the knowledge, expertise, and support they need to achieve the best results for their asphalt projects. GuardTop provides a range of additional services to complement our exceptional sealcoat products. These services include:

  • On-site Storage
  • Product Sample Testing
  • Job Inspections
  • Job Walks and Bid Assistance
  • Specification Writing
  • Lunch-and-Learn Educational Seminars
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