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Hot Pour Crack Filler

GuardTop's Hot Pour Crack Filler is a premium hot-applied sealant that offers superior performance and protection for asphalt and concrete surfaces. Its high-quality polymer-modified, recycled rubber asphalt formula provides a firm, fast-curing, and resilient seal that eliminates the risk of tire pick-up and is highly resistant to power steering markings on pavements with high surface temperatures. The sealant has excellent flow properties in its molten state, ensuring total penetration of the cracks without leaving any voids or air pockets. GuardTop's Hot Pour Crack Filler is perfect for use on both asphalt and concrete pavements in warm and hot climates, making it an ideal choice for parking lots, streets, and highways that are exposed to heavy traffic. Moreover, this crack filler is easy to apply and cures quickly, minimizing the downtime and disruptions caused by maintenance work. Additionally, GuardTop's Hot Pour Crack Filler is environmentally friendly and made with recycled rubber, making it a sustainable and cost-effective solution for crack sealing.


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