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Mar 20, 2023

Why are Spring and Summer the Best Seasons to Seal Coat?

In Southern California we are blessed with some of the best year-round weather in the country; but that doesn’t mean that every day is a seal coat day. Here are a few things that influence why we would choose the spring and summer as the best time to seal coat, especially in SoCal.Less Chance of RainUsually, we still get rain in the fall and winter. Even though we have not seen much in the past two years, rain can put a real damper on your seal coat project. If rain is in the forecast 24 hours before and 24 hours after your project, we recommend putting it on hold. Even a small drizzle can severely impact the seal coat and cause a real mess.Optimal Drying Temps and TimeWe have more sunlight in the Spring and Summer. Sunlight is one of the key components of the curing process for your seal coat. Sun helps to warm the asphalt in the morning and then helps the applied seal coat cure after it is applied. Once the clocks change in the fall the sun begins to set earlier and earlier which could delay your seal coat from drying on time. Also, be aware that the North side of buildings get less sunlight than the other sides of your property, as a result, asphalt may have a harder time drying in the Fall and Winter months.Overall, there must be warmer temperatures both day and night. The temperature at night is just as important as the temperature during the day when seal coating. Warmer temperatures during the day help speed up the drying time while warmer temperatures at night help to continue the curing process.For additional guidance in planning your next sealcoating project, reach out to GuardTop. We can answer your sealcoating questions and help you plan the ideal timing for your commercial parking lot, residential street, or local roadway sealcoating project, avoiding potential roadblocks along the way.[ARForms id=100]

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