Mar 20, 2023


GUARDTOP LLC ANNOUNCES DAVIS KOLEAS AS SUSTAINABILITY PROJECTS MANAGER FOR COOLSEAL®, LLCThe solar reflective cool pavement product is available nationwide and will be showcased through various partnerships and organizations.Dana Point, Calif.(2021) – Premium asphalt-based sealcoating manufacturer, GuardTop®, today announced Davis Koleas’ new role as Sustainability Project Manager focusing on CoolSeal by GuardTop® national sales and product development. The new role expands opportunity and sales regions for the product as well as encompasses partnerships with various sustainability organizations.Entering his fifth year at GuardTop, Koleas steps into a new role which will tap into his knowledge and experience within the sealcoat industry as well as environmental change and preservation. For several years, Koleas has been involved in the research and development of CoolSeal® and aided in improving overall product durability and performance. In recent years, he has become more involved with various environmental groups and created longstanding relationships between GuardTop and numerous lobby groups. GuardTop has recently entered into several partnerships with green focused agencies and is a sponsor of the “Cool Roadways partnership”, involving cities from across the globe who have pledged to go green and create more cool neighborhoods.“CoolSeal® is an important shared piece in the fight against climate change and global warming,” said GuardTop’s Davis Koleas, Sustainability Project Manager. “We are glad to be working with organizations focused on creating a green environment for our planet and valuing the environment. GuardTop is passionate about being part of the solution and we as a company are confident CoolSeal® will make large strides in the right direction.”In 2017 CoolSeal® was instrumental in the City of Los Angeles’ cool roadways program and in 2020 completed several cool neighborhoods with the City of Phoenix. CoolSeal® by GuardTop also has a large presence in Australia. Several cities around the continent including Salisbury, Melbourne and Adelaide for a total of roughly two million square feet of cool pavement applied. Australia has also benefited from reduced ambient temperatures and lead the global efforts in going green with cool pavement. Product development has been conducted during studies done by several universities in the United States. Currently CoolSeal® is the only cool pavement on the market offering a fully green alternative to sealcoat while offering the same protection as traditional sealcoat.To contact Davis for any sales requests, please email or call 310-970-4271.About GuardTop, LLCSince 1983 GuardTop has been committed to providing superior asphalt protection products. With an ever-growing product line and commitment to sustainability, GuardTop has become an internationally trusted asphalt-based sealcoat manufacturer. A family-owned company with strong values rooted in safety and environmental compliance, GuardTop goes the extra mile to ensure all customers and employees are treated like family.For more information, please visit or call 877-948-2738.

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