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When GuardTop was invented almost 40 years ago, it opened a new world of possibilities for the sealcoating industry. Since 1983, GuardTop has built its reputation on producing specially formulated, premium quality and environmentally friendly asphalt sealcoat with exceptional durability. With the 40th anniversary of this innovative product on the horizon, GuardTop is reflecting on its past accomplishments and looking forward to an even more successful and sustainable future.

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GuardTop: A Look Back
To understand the future of GuardTop, it’s important to first take a step back and look at its evolution. For GuardTop’s Chief Executive Officer, Bobby Koleas, and his wife and President, Laura Koleas, that evolution has been a family affair.
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Celebrating 40 Years and Paving the Way for the Future
As GuardTop looks forward to celebrating 40 years, the future continues looking bright. However, lasting impact doesn't happen overnight. As stated by owners, Bobby and Laura Koleas, “We’ve tried to always be on the cutting edge...When we decided to buy GuardTop, we realized it had been so undervalued, and we saw the potential of the sustainability aspect and what we could do with it.”

From family ties going 40 years back to upcoming innovations, the GuardTop story is one to follow.
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A History to Protect: GuardTop Products
GuardTop Asphalt Based Sealcoat leads the way as the premiere product for parking lots and asphalt surfaces in all types of residential, retail, and commercial properties. Its unique base stocks and mineral aggregates help protect and beautify existing asphalt surfaces. Plus, it contains no coal-tar and remains environmentally friendly.
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Koleas Family founded Western Emulsions
Richard and Ramah Koleas began the Koleas asphalt legacy by establishing Western Emulsions in 1977 in Tucson, Arizona. The company started as a small player in the industry, competing against large corporations, but Western Emulsions found its niche with an emphasis on branded, specialty products and superior customer service.
Western Emulsions builds its Irwindale plant to distribute GuardTop.
Richard Koleas worked on the original formulation for GuardTop sealcoat by incorporating Western Emulsion asphalt emulsion.
Bob Koleas begins in the industry.
Robert Koleas, current CEO of GuardTop and son to Richard and Ramah, grew up in the industry.  Bob worked on seal coating crews in the summers as a kid and while in college, he designed and oversaw the building of the Irwindale plant. After graduating from the University of Arizona in 1987, he was appointed Sales Manager of Southern California.
Early 2000s
Bob Koleas named Vice President and CEO of Western Emulsions
GuardTop is acquired by Western Emulsions.
Koleas recognized that GuardTop was still the best product in the industry and was thrilled at the opportunity. After assuring the board of the company’s incredible potential, Western Emulsions acquired GuardTop in 2009.  Western Emulsions, in partnership with Advantage, was able to transform GuardTop through continual product improvement, brand protection and exceptional customer service.

Koleas was approached by Vulcan Materials Company to purchase the GuardTop division. Vulcan chose to only approach Robert and Western Emulsions. Due to Vulcan’s long-term working relationship with the Koleas Family, the company knew Robert’s team would take care of the existing GuardTop and Vulcan materials customers.

Bob Koleas inducted into the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association Hall of Fame.

Mr. Koleas received recognition for his experience overseeing the modern growth of Western Emulsions from a small family-operated emulsion plant to a regional enterprise with nearly 100 employees and manufacturing facilities in seven US states serving customers in 21 states. He led the branding and development of a line of innovative rejuvenating asphalt products providing roadways with greater longevity, with a focus on environmental responsibility.   Mr. Koleas also dedicated years of service as a member of AEMA’S Board of Directors.
CoolSeal by GuardTop is demonstrated in Los Angeles.
First demonstrated in the winter of 2016 for the LA Street Services Bureau, CoolSeal is currently being used in the second phase of the "Cool Streets L.A." program, which aimed at lowering temperatures in LA's warmest neighborhoods. The new phase called "Cool Neighborhoods."
GuardTop opens GuardTop Express in Doraville, GA
Expansion of Express locations
Expanding their presence in the Southwest US, GuardTop launches express locations in Tuscon, Arizona and Orange, California. The express locations offer GuardTop's full range of sealcoat products and a wide variety of pavement tools giving customers quick, convenient access to obtain premium products.
CoolSeal is Put to the Test in Phoenix
Currently, CoolSeal is being used in the second phase of the City of Phoenix’s Cool Pavement Pilot Program, which began in 2020 when the City of Phoenix teamed up with Arizona State University (ASU) to cool down local neighborhoods and city streets. After the first year of the program, researchers discovered some impressive results, including significant reduction in surface and ambient temperatures as well as enhanced maintenance benefits leading to infrastructure savings. Learn more about CoolSeal results.
GuardTop Celebrates 40 Years and sets to create an even More successful and sustainable future.
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